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Kabel Instrument 1 CU/PE/OSCR/PVC FR
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14 Des 2018
1 meter
IDR 01


Kabel Instrument  CU/PE/OSCR/PVC FR

Stranded plain copper conductor, Polyethylene insulation ( PE ), Core twisted in pairs
Colour coding for pair : black/white, continuously numbered dan triad : black/white/red, continuously numbered;  Screened pairs twisted in concentric layers
Overall screen of plastic bonded aluminium mylar tape with tinned copper drain wire
PVC outer sheath, flame retardant to IEC 60332-3C, black or blue colour

Available on request : Tinned conductors, PVC, XLPE or EPR insulations, sheathing of LSOH, oil & hydrocarbon resistant, anti termite, anti rodent, and other special sheath performance

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